Acronis 11.5 Linux agent installation – Debian / Ubuntu

From my point of view is Acronis one of the best back-up tools on the market. They provide agent for different kind of OS’s, cloud storage support, central management and etc. Nevertheless installation of the Acronis 11.5 Linux agent has some dependencies that are not written out in the Acronis manual. Therefor I’m writing still how-to for the installation on Debian / Ubuntu.

This how-to is tested on Debian 6 & 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 (all i386), the installation of the Acronis Management server is not covered by this how-to. For detailed information on how to install and configure the Acronis Management server I need to redirect you to the Acronis 11.5 manual

First we need to download the up to date and correct Acronis 11.5 Linux agent, the best place for this is Acronis website @

So head on over to your account, go to “My Product & Downloads”, choose your product and download the agent on the Linux component tab. Once you have downloaded the Agent you will have a file called “ABR11.5AL_en-EU.i686”, this file needs to be transferred to your Linux server. If you are looking for a secure way to transfer file on and off your Linux server please check out WinSCP.

Once the Acronis 11.5 Linux agent is transferred to a temporary folder like /tmp , you will need to execute the following commands as root (su or sudo)

Give the appropriate rights

Update, upgrade, download and install the dependencies

Once all the dependencies are installed you can start the agent by executing

The installation process of the Acronis 11.5 Linux agent will start, now just follow the wizard and fill out the license and management server and your Linux Acronis Agent is configured and installed.

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