Hyper-V Cluster error 0x80070032

A Hyper-V Cluster gives you the means to transfer vm’s in a live state to a different host. This is quite handy when it comes to High Availability and when you need to maintance one of your physical hosts. Microsoft and other blogs describe how to set up a HyperV Cluster, so I’m not going in to that now. This post describes how to resolve the Hyper-V Cluster error 0x80070032

You will get this error when you try to live migrate your virtual machines from one physical host to another one. So will have to look in the detailed view (right click on the vm role) the see this error. The Windows event viewer and HyperV Cluster event viewer won’t display this error, you will only get the message that the live migration has failed. This without a clear reason.

The solution itself is quite simple. Open up the settings from the role / VM and go to the name field. Below the name field you will also have a notes field, clear the notes field and retry the live migration. This will go on like it should be.

Windows Server 2012 (R2) – Turn GUI off or on

Windows Server 2012 (R2) can be migrated with a single reboot to a Server Core and back. This quite handy feature is mostly used on domain controllers or Hyper-V controllers, this way you can install and configure your server roles with an GUI interface and afterwards go back to the Core edition to require lower recourses and have a small attack surface. These commands only work if you have installed the server with the GUI, you can’t install the GUI if you have installed the core edition.

If you want more information about the Windows Server Core features: please visit this link http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd184075.aspx 

You can turn off the GUI with the following PowerShell command:

Or turn the GUI back on if you want to modify something on your server with the following PowerShell command:

Don’t forget to reboot after running these commands succesfully.

This can be done with the following command: