OpenSSL update on Linux – Heartbleed

The heartbleed bug caused a fair bit of commotion in the web hosting sector, if you don’t know about the heartbleed bug I would suggest you go to and read up first. Now the solution to the bug is quite simple, you just need to update your OpenSSL implementation to the latest version. Because every Linux OS is different I will explain the different steps you need to undertake.

Ubuntu 12.04/12.10/13.04/13.10 and Debian 7

CentOS 6.x

CentOS 6.x with DirectAdmin

CentOS 6.x with Cpanel

Do not forget to reboot afterwards, this step is quite important, so that the services are restarted and are using the latest OpenSSL stack.

Good luck

Joomla Error 28 from storage engine SQL

A not so documented error that Joomla sites can have is error 28 from storage engine sql.Due to this error it isn’t possible to create new MySQL connections and your website will display multiple error messages displaying this error.

The problem and resolution lays in the hands of the webhoster or system engineer.
Joomla uses the /tmp folder to create a file every time a MySQL connection is established. Now this folder can run out of space or the maximum number of files / folder is reached.

The resolution is then quite simpel, clean out the /tmp folder. You can do this with the following command

If you want you schedule a cron job to do this on for example a weekly basis.

Open the cron editor

And add the following line

Close and save the file

Ubuntu Remote Desktop Client – Black cursor on 2008 R2 & Win 7

From Ubuntu 8.04 there is a bug that makes your cursor black when using a remote desktop (rdesktop) to a session on a Windows server 2008 R2 or Windows 7. This can be solved by adding the patch repo and updating your software.

or when not installed