Internet Explorer 9 showing a blank page.

Today I’ve encountered a problem with Internet Explorer 9. After opening Internet Explorer today nothing came on, not an error, just a blanco or blank no matter to what site you went.
After doing some research I’ve remembered that IE9 uses GPU acceleration to show everything. So the quite solution was quite simple.

Blank pages, just like this:

To fix this problem, disable hardware rendering:
1. Click on Tools, select Internet Options
2. Go to the Advanced tab, and tick Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering

Note: IE9’s core feature is hardware rendering, so using IE9 without it is useless. Hoping that an upcoming will fix this problem

Note 2: I’m using Intel Integrated graphics

Note 3: This may prevent some programs (like Adobe installers) from working. These programs use the rendering engine of IE, but forces Hardware Rendering. To fix this, you’ll have to downgrade to IE8.

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