Speed up Firefox with write enabled cache

Today I’ve read a marvelous way to make Firefox a whole lot faster, here is to do so:

Just follow these instructions — and don’t worry, if you mess it up, you won’t break anything.

  • Type about:config into the address bar
  • Type browser.cache into the Filter field
  • Set browser.cache.disk.enable to false (double click it)
  • Set browser.cache.memory.enable to true (double click it)
  • Right click > New > Integer; type browser.cache.memory.capacity; press OK
  • Type in 100000 (this is equivalent to 100 megabytes); press OK
  • Close all Firefox tabs and windows, and then restart the browser

If you want more than 100 megabytes of cache — if you have lots of spare memory, or you’re prone to mammoth browsing sessions — type in 500000 instead for 500 megabytes of cache. To confirm everything is working, visit about:cache and you should see some ‘Memory cache device’ information.

This is tested with Firefox 3.7 & 4

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