Webmin System Stats

A *nix admin is used to work with the command line but from time to time a GUI interface comes in quite handy; Webmin is an GUI webinterface for *nix systems that allows you to administrate basic roles on your server like apache, bind dns, samba and etc…

Webmin also provides addon modules who are developed by 3th party developers. One of those modules is Historic System Stats (or webminstats in short) by Eric Gerbier.

Webminstats monitors different aspects of your server and graphs them out with rrdtool.


  1. Have a working webmin system, see http://www.webmin.com/ for more information
  2. Download the latest webminstats from http://sourceforge.net/projects/webminstats/
  3. Install the following pre requirements (debian, ubuntu)
    apt-get install perl
    apt-get install rrdtool
    apt-get install librrds-perl
  4. Go to Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Webmin Modules -> From uploaded file -> choose the downloaded file
  5. Go to Webmin -> Refresh Modules
  6. Go to Webmin -> System -> Historic System Statistics
  7. Click OK for the not installed modules

After the installation webminstats will gather information about the installed modules and graph them out.

Many thanks to Eric Gerbier for the wonderfull plugin.